Search Engine Optimisation

We specialize in onsite and offsite search engine optimization in south africa. We use only the latest search engine optimization techniques approved by google. Our Strength in search engine optimization is the use of silo structures which is a concept most search engine optimization companies would not be familiar with. This concept was Derived by a search engine optimization specialist trained by google himself further Mastered and fine tuned by Bruce Clay.

We have over 12 years experience in onsite search engine optimization and 9 years experience In offsite search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is not a new concept but google constantly rebuilds its engine to avoid black hat search engine optimization. For this reason constant research and new Search engine optimization techniques has to be used in order to rank in google and other search engines. There is no such thing as cheap search engine optimization, I can tell you from my Experience if you pay anything less than 10k for search engine optimization you Are wasting your money. Proper search engine optimization can generate millions for your company and using any company that offers cheap solutions will give you lots of promises with few results.

Proper search engine optimization is also not a quick solution, there’s no such thing as search engine optimization in 1 month. Search engine optimization at the absolute minimum takes at least 6 months and up to 2 years to see the full Effect of the search engine optimization implemented. Don’t waste time on mediocre search engine optimization solutions that will waste 2 years of your time with limited results. Get it right the first time and take your slice from the billion dollar online market.

Our Search engine optimization 3 step process.

The process involves:

Phase 1
At no Cost to you
(1) Assessing your current site and search engine optimization techniques (2) Assessing your current and potential market (3) Reports on your current rankings and possible rankings (4) Keyword Research

Phase 2
After we receive a deposit we will immediately start on the following:

(a) Onsite optimization
Onsite optimization is a process in which we will change the content and programming of your website so that google will recognize your site and index it for the correct keywords. This process includes 700 Steps in which we assess every possible aspect of your site using the latest search engine optimization software. After this assessment we will implement all the changes on your website. 98% of the websites promatix have worked on had a significant increase in online traffic after onsite optimization. Onsite optimization comprises only 20% of the total search engine optimization package. The most important part of search engine optimization is offsite optimization.

(b) Offiste optimization
Offsite optimization in a nutshell is to acquire thousands of one way high page rank links to your website. We have established a business relationship with the no 1 rated search engine optimization Specialist in Romania in charge of link building and article submission. This process does not Involve link building with business directories, its cold hard high page rank link accumulation Through business relationships, quality article distribution with high page ranking site. We only Believe in one way high page rank links to your site.

Phase 3
Assessment of results and further onsite and offsite optimization based on your rankings. The overall search engine optimization process will take 6 months and 2 years to show the full effect. To avoid too much detail I will finish by stating that we are 1 of the top search engine optimization Specialists in south africa.

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