Make your campaigns go viral with mobile marketing… Did you know that more than half of South Africans use mobile devices to access the Internet? That’s around about 29 million pairs of eyes that are surfing, chatting, reading, playing games at any given moment…everywhere they go. This means that SMSes and emails are delivered immediately. Before nifty technologies like smartphones and tablets, you’d hear things like “Sorry for the late response to your email. I wasn’t near a computer.” Nowadays, they’re simply pushed right to devices so no message goes unseen. Why not take advantage of this with our Bulk SMS service? Once your message has been sent out into digi-verse, you can measure who opened it when and whether they clicked through, opted in and more. And with shortcodes and mobile coupons, you can get responses from your customers, opening up a wealth of mobile marketing opportunities.

BULK SMS - Not all cellphones are created equally! Luckily, SMSes bridge the digital gap as they are accessible on both smart- and feature phones. You can also target your marketing message to a particular group of customers or send it to your entire list, as well as offer opt-ins or –outs.

SHORT CODE - Communication doesn’t need to be one sided. Let customers start the conversation with shortcodes. Being only 5-6 digits, they’re easy to remember. They also offer an immediate call to action, gives you access to your customer’s mobile number and can be forwarded, which gives them virility.

COLLECT MOBILE NUMBERS - Maybe throw in a little incentive? It's that easy to start talking! Clip-to-use coupons are so old school….and time consuming! Save your customers the effort by emailing coupons to their cellphones. Unlike the paper ones, mobile coupons eliminate the risk of being forgotten at home. They can also be cleverly combined with shortcodes to allow customers to initiate a promotion.

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