Your company’s logo as its trademark. A logo or trademark is much more than just a visual recognition tool. It is a representation of the unique qualities the company's founder members have in direct combination to its products and services that would make a company stand out in its market or just blend with the masses. Like a masterful piece of artwork, the ideal logo design needs to tap your inner emotions, stimulate your visual appeal and etch itself into your memory. Take some time to look at logos you find striking and then ask yourself why you are drawn to that specific design colour and shape? These are the aspects a good design and media house would be able to help you identify when you decide on you company's first logo or even when you are considering a logo and corporate image revamp.

When you are embarking on your search for the ideal design company, keep in mind that they need to be a well informed team with a well established background that value diversity and creativity in its most unique forms. With this all said one has to remember that the logo does not make a company. The logo is merely the introducer of the company's products and or services which in turn is the basis of the company's perceived quality in its market.

Tips when brainstorming your logo. Avoid being over the top in an attempt in being unique, keep it clear cut and simple. Less is more. Use only a few colours or limit colours to only spot colours, this will enhance its recognition and opens your scope for other marketing mediums that does not work well with complicated designs such as embroidering on cloths and smaller images such as marketing stickers and buttons. Avoid gradients. Be aware of other design or trademark infringements. Your logo must be as unique as your company and its products and/or services.

Types of logos

Text logos - words in their purist forms as images. In this type of logo the font type used for the logo will be an indication to the type of organisation it will present. A thick bold font conveys strength and power, script font conveys elegance and austerity. A slanted type face conveys movement. Symbol logos – making use of images either direct or abstract to convey the company's line of products and/or services. Many companies prefer a combination of these two types as the most expressive but once more we have to stress that less is more when you want to make an impact on your target audience. With the latest technology today these to types of logos have now been taken to the next level with 3D logo design were one will take the original logo concept and convert it into a 3D images viewable form different angels to evoke different feelings and emotions.

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