Corporate Identity

Corporate identities are a core part of our design offering, because we believe a well designed corporate identity is the cornerstone of a strong brand. Finding the right face for your brand and promoting it efficiently is essential to your business' success. Corporate Identity is a constant channel of communication between you and clients, sending a message about who you are and what you stand for. It will ultimately influence the perception clients have of your business. We suggest that you invest in building a strong ididentity that communicates directly to your target market.

Instead of confusing your clients our team will design a logo and related branding that accurately represents who you are. We will make sure your vision, philosophy and goals are designed into your corporate identity, maximising your chances to grow a strong Identity. Your logo acts as your company's public face, and therefore it should speak for itself, making a memorable impact on potential clients from the first impression. A great logo design is the first step in taking your business to the next level by portraying a spot-on visual message to your clients.

When designing your corporate identity, we remember that it involves much more than putting a name and logo onto stationery and marketing material. Our young and dynamic team presents you with original ideas and concepts where we use complimentary colours and shapes, together with your brand to establish a strong corporate identity that will make your company instantly recognizable.

We offer a comprehensive corporate identity service including:

  • Designing of powerful, yet uncomplicated logos;
  • Slogan/ catch phrase development;
  • Evoking the right emotions;
  • Creating a consistent image and promoting the company name;
  • Creating a unique brand and implementing it in all stationery and marketing material.

Call 083-458-6001 today and have one of our consultants discuss with you the best corporate identity route for your company. Also enquire about our web packages including free corporate identity options!